Group history

1954 y.

  • Commissioning of the Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant; Commissioning of the Novocherkassk Electrode Plant.

1974 y.

  • Commissioning of the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant.

1995 y.

  • Sart of exclusive cooperation between ZAO ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT and Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Novocherkassk Electrode Plants.

2006 y.

  • Transfer of management functions at the electrode plants to ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT Company.

2007 y.

  • The ENERGOPROM Group consolidates shares of Russian electrode companies; ENERGOPROM ranks among the top five world manufacturers of carbon and graphite products.

2008 y.

  • Rebranding the ENERGOPROM Group enterprises.
  • Establishment of LLC Donkarb Graphite.
  • Inclusion of the ENERGOPROM Group in the list of strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation.

2009 y.

  • Novocherkassk and Novosibirsk Electrode Plants receive Best Exporter 2009 awards by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in nominations "Most dynamically developing Russian exporter" and "Best Exporter to CIS countries".

2010 y.

  • Start of strategic partnership between the ENERGOPROM Group and the State Research Institute of Graphite-Based Structural Composites "NIIgrafit".
  • Establishment of the first representative office of the ENERGOPROM Group in Europe (Germany).

2011 y.

  • Approval of the ENERGOPROM Group's development strategy up to 2015.
  • Launch of unique investment projects for the production of pre-baked baked anodes and isostatic graphite at the Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant.
  • Establishment of the Association of Carbon and Graphite Manufacturers (the Carbon and Graphite Association).

2012 y.

  • ENERGOPROM Group joins Skolkovo innovation centre.
  • Launch of electronic trading facility B2B ENERGOPROM.
  • Launch of corporate R&D centre project.
  • Opening of pre-baked anode factory at the facilities of Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant.

2013 y.

  • RUSAL production system is launched at the Group’s plants.
  • Corporate R&D center signs cooperation agreements with MEPHI, R&D Carbon, RAS Siberian branch, Sigma Innovations centre.
  • The Group’s representative office opens in Shanghai, China.

2014 y.

  • Partnership with Skolkovo.

2015 y.

  • ENERGOPROM Group project received financing from the Industry Developments Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation.