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Doncarb Graphite completes overhaul of its press

Chelyabinsk, December 24, 2019. Doncarb Graphite's Chelyabinsk site has completed the overhaul of the press it uses to produce blanks for structural graphites, the company's main product.

The horizontal broaching hydraulic press produces blanks of different diameters (80 through 500 mm) and cross-section sizes. The blanks are then baked and graphitized, to further produce artificial graphites of different grades.

Within the overhaul project, the press's main and auxiliary equipment was repaired and replaced. The project costs totaled about RUB 3 million. The overhaul required a planned shutdown at the site and was performed in a single month in strict adherence with the approved schedule.

The Managing Director of Doncarb Graphite noted that "the overhaul of the hydraulic press is one stage in the planned upgrading of the Company's technical facilities. It is one of the most important stages, since we rely on the press's uninterrupted operation to meet all of the Company's production targets".

This year's renovations at the Chelyabinsk site of Doncarb Graphite amounted to RUB 161.5 million. The largest projects are the overhaul of two graphitization furnaces and crane equipment. The large-scale renovation of lifting devices was performed in Unit 4, while the infrastructure was repaired and replaced in all shops.