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Donсarb Grafit has put new equipment into operation

Novocherkassk, February, 4, 2019. Investment project for retrofitting the vacuum furnace cooling system was completed at the Doncarb Grafit site in Novocherkassk. New equipment was commissioned and it allows stabilizing the production processes and significant energy savings. Two new cooling towers and two pumping systems were purchased and the pipelines were completely replaced as part of the project implementation.

New equipment will allow significant energy savings due to the high heat-transmission coefficient, automated control and frequency-regulation system. During retrofitting, the capacity of the pumping equipment was reduced from 500 kW/h to 90 kW/h and thus the energy consumption was reduced by 5.5 times.

The Manging Director of Doncarb Grafit LLC, Sergey Sotnikov notes: "This new equipment is unique not only for our company. Only several facilities of the Rostov Region use a system of a similar level; one of them is the biggest Mega mall where the system is used not only for cooling but also for heating of the premises."

Vacuum furnace is used for production of pyrographite which is used in industry, science and instrument engineering as far as it ensures high accuracy measurement. Pyrographite is neutral to acids and alkalis and it maintains high strength when exposed to extreme temperatures. These properties of pyrographite are achieved by the use of very high temperature in the technological process (up to 2,150oC), that is why a reliable cooling system is particularly necessary for the vacuum furnaces.