News Novocherkassk Electrode Plant

ENERGOPROM has commissioned a new pitch impregnation line at Novocherkassk Electrode Plant

Novocherkassk, August 13, 2018 – A new pitch impregnation line was commissioned at Novocherkassk Electrode Plant (of ENERGOPROM Group). This line meets the highest global standards and is intended to expand the enterprise's production capacities for the manufacture of graphite electrodes for steel smelting in electric arc furnaces; such electrodes are in high demand in domestic metallurgy. The two existing horizontal impregnation autoclaves were supplemented with another two units.  The project cost amounted to RUB 172 mln.

The official equipment commissioning ceremony was attended by Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region Mikhail Tikhonov, General Director of ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT Victor Nechuyatov, and Managing Director of ENERGOPROM-Novocherkassk Electrode Plant Evgeniy Churikov.

The opening of a new line will make it possible to double the capacities of the plant's impregnation facilities and to improve the quality and output volume of graphite electrodes. The commissioning of additional equipment enables an increase in product output in this area from 1,500 to 3,000 tons per month.  The modern autoclaves pump pitch under 40% higher pressure than that in the existing equipment, which makes the electrode structure more compact.

The new autoclaves were designed by Russian manufacturers. The equipment was manufactured at Volgodonsk Metallurgical and Power Equipment Plant, one of the largest enterprises in Russia.

The launch of a new line is an important stage in implementing ENERGOPROM Group's ambitious investment program, which is aimed at increasing the resource security of domestic metallurgy and developing import substitution processes in the industry.

The accomplishment of ENERGOPROM Group's extensive investment program will make it possible to nearly double the production of large-diameter graphite electrodes.

"Implementation of the company's investment program will decrease the import dependence of Russian metallurgical companies on supplies of graphite electrodes, and the increased quality of the manufactured products will make them even more sought after both in the domestic and in the foreign markets," Sergey Tsyb, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, noted in his welcome speech.

Aleksei Mayorov, Deputy Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, delivered his welcome speech to the management and staff of the enterprise on the occasion of the commissioning of the new equipment. "Creation of a self-sufficient sector with a complete graphite electrode production cycle in the country is fully consistent with the decline of the dependence of domestic metallurgy on foreign suppliers of raw materials and the increase of the share of Russian graphite electrodes in the domestic market."

"The launch of a new pitch impregnation line at Novocherkassk Electrode Plant is a milestone event for the whole Rostov region. That is because its output directly affects the efficiency of the metallurgical industry in the country and the region. Novocherkassk Electrode Plant is among the systemic companies of the region and is one of its largest taxpayers. The enterprise operates successfully, uses modern technologies to mitigate adverse environmental impact, and conducts its business in a socially responsible manner," Mikhail Tikhonov, Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region, said.

"At the moment, the company has started implementation of its investment program to extend graphite electrode production capacities. One of the conditions thereof is to conclude long-term contracts with Russian metallurgical companies. We have already signed such contracts with a number of our consumers. This mechanism allows domestic metallurgical companies to diversify risks associated with supplies of raw materials from abroad, and we, in turn, can plan long-term investments and develop long-term programs for improving the quality of our products and service in order to provide our consumers with products and service that are fully in line with their needs," Victor Nechuyatov, General Director of ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT, emphasized.