News Novocherkassk Electrode Plant

EPM-NEP will have new high-precision measuring equipment for graphite electrode nipples

Novocherkassk, January 15, 2019.  A special automated complex for measuring the geometry of graphite electrode nipples will be installed at the AO EPM-Novocherkassk Electrode Plant (EPM-NEP, part of EPM Group). This is a part of an investment project for launching a modern robot Nipple center at the Novocherkassk Electrode Plant.

The equipment supply contract has been concluded with OOO Laser Eye, which specializes in the development and implementation of high-tech precision measuring tools. At this stage, the design of the complex has been completed, drawings of parts and assemblies have been prepared, and the basic components for installation have been procured.

The complex's operating principle is to scan a nipple and create its 3D-model, which is then put into a database, and its geometrics are calculated in real time. The nipple diameters range from 150 to 430 mm, the measurement accuracy in terms of individual parameters is up to 4 µm, and the time required for testing one product is 2 to 5 minutes. The complex will provide 100% geometry of all nipples produced.

Managing Director of AO EPM-NEP Evgeny Churikov noted: “This complex will ensure nipple quality control up to micron accuracy. The equipment is scheduled to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2019. This will be the next stage of extensive work on the technical re-equipment of our plant.”

Commissioning of the Nipple Center at the EPM-NEP is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of this year; the new equipment will increase the reliability of electrode connections–nipples–and will provide a higher level of electrode machining: dimensional accuracy is expected to increase 5 fold up to 0.02 mm.