News Novosibirsk Electrode Plant


Novosibirsk, July 5, 2019 The German EIRICH German mixing plant assembly has launched as a part of the EPM-NovEP (part of the EPM Group) equipment modernization investment program.

A reinforced concrete foundation was prepared for new equipment assembly in the EPM-NovEP green anode shop. Currently, the assembly of load-bearing steel structures and the installation of the main equipment of the mixing plant continues at the site. The equipment includes EIRICH mixer (DW 29/4 model), a disk feeder and four-conveyor flow-transport system, which will be subsequently connected to a large extrusion press. The construction of operator room for mixing plant control instruments has started.

Assembly of auxiliary equipment on site will begin in July: aspiration systems, automation and fire alarms, as well as pitch feeding pipelines. The new equipment complies with international environmental standards. In August 2019, contractors will handover the EIRICH mixing plant for pilot production to debug process parameters. The EIRICH mixing plant will be used to prepare mixtures for pressing premium grade graphite electrodes.

Concurrently, employees will be trained to operate new high-tech equipment.

Construction of a new mixing plant is the key investment project of EPM-Novosibirsk Electrode Plant aimed at ensuring consistent quality of electrodes and increasing reliability of their operation. The inauguration of the EIRICH mixing plant will take place in September 2019 in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of the Company.