News Novosibirsk Electrode Plant


Novosibirsk, August 13, 2019. A heating system for medium-temperature coal-tar pitch (MTCTP)* with a high-temperature organic coolant (HTOC) was commissioned at EPM-Novosibirsk Electrode Plant (part of the EPM Group). The system allows maintaining the required temperature for the binder pitch during the transfer from the warehouse to the green anode shop. The project cost over 180 million Russian roubles.

The new ring layout allows a complete automation of the coal-tar pitch feeding process. The new ring pitch line is 700 meters long. Coal-tar pitch is continuously fed in the circulation mode to all the process threads of the green anode plant facilities using the pitch pumps with a capacity of 25-30 tons per hour.

A modernized binder feed system will ensure the supplied pitch temperature stability and improve the electrode products quality. Modernization of the HTCTP and MTCTP pitch lines is one of the stages of the EPM Group's investment program at EPM-NovEP aimed at improving the quality of products.

*Mid-temperature coal-tar pitch (MTCTP) is used for the production of coal and graphite products: hearth blocks, graphite and carbon electrodes.

*High-temperature coal tar pitch (HTCTP) is used for production of hearth blocks, petroleum based technical graphite and RP grade graphite electrodes.