News Novosibirsk Electrode Plant

New Equipment for Production of Electrode Paste Briquettes Put into Operation at EPM-NovEP

Novosibirsk, 18 February, 2019. A new screw and piston press for the production of electrode paste briquettes has been put into operation at EPM-Novosibirsk electrode plant ("EPM-NovEP", member of EPM Group). The plant's implemented programme for revamping of its production line will allow an increase of the molding machine's existing capacity by 25 thousand tonnes per year. 

As of today, EPM-NovEP has approved the programme for the optimisation of process parameters on the screw and piston press. Test batch of the new electrode paste briquettes will be produced by the end of February. It will be forwarded to the customers for testing.

Screw and piston press is installed in the paste shop of EPM-NovEP. It is equipped with a modern control system that allows controlling the process parameters of the electrode paste briquettes production line. The line equipment consists of a continuous handling system including a cooling conveyor, which transfers the paste to the bagging station for packaging the finished product into big bags.

Products manufactured with the screw and piston press will have a new briquette form. New equipment will allow obtaining a high-quality product during production. 

Revamping of the production process line for the electrode paste briquettes is one of the EPM-NovEP investment projects aimed at improving the products quality and increasing the production volumes. In the second half of 2019, installation of the second screw and piston press will commence. It will boost the efficiency of the electrode paste briquettes line up to 50 thousand tonnes per year.

Electrode paste briquettes are used for production of continuous self-baking electrodes for electrothermic furnace in the ferrous, nonferrous metal and chemical industries. It is used in the production of ferroalloys, calcium carbide, phosphorus, and abrasive materials.