News Novosibirsk Electrode Plant

Preparatory works for installation of the German mixing plant EIRICH have started at EPM-NovEZ

Novosibirsk, March 13, 2019 EPM-Novosibirsk Electrode Plant (EPM-NovEZ, is a part of EPM) has begun preparatory works for installation of the German mixing plant EIRICH. The equipment will be installed in the paste shop of the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant. Commissioning of the new equipment is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. The new mixing plant will ensure uniform quality of the products and increase the reliability of its operation.

Equipment for the EIRICH mixing plant will arrive at the site from Germany (Hartheim) in April 2019. A DW 29/4 EIRICH mixer, disk feeder and a continuous handling system consisting of four conveyors underwent acceptance by EPM-NovEZ representatives before being sent to Russia.

Implementation of the EIRICH mixing plant installation project is part of EPM Group's large-scale investment program aimed at expanding its production capacities. The upgraded complex of equipment for preparation and dosing of raw materials will increase the output of pressed blanks to 10 t/h. Construction of the modern EIRICH mixing plant which implements the state-of-the-art technologies will replace four outdated mixing units. The new equipment will be used in the production of graphite electrodes of UHP, SHP, HP, RP grades.

The contract between EPM and EIRICH for installation of the mixing plant was signed in March 2018. Two EIRICH mixing plants are planned to be installed at EPM-NovEZ by late 2019.