Chelyabinsk Branches of ENERGOPROM Have Created an Integrated Environmental Center

Chelyabinsk, March 26, 2018. ENERGOPROM Group has approved the project to create an Integrated Environmental Center that will supplement the state-funded system of emission control and will also unite the environmental strategies of two Chelyabinsk branches of the company.

The creation of the Integrated Environmental Center will be funded jointly by the Chelyabinsk branch of Donkarb Grafit LLC and ENERGOPROM—Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant JSC that are located at the same industrial site.

A fixed control point for the atmospheric air will be built at the border of the branches' sanitary protection zone. After accreditation, its data will be automatically and continuously transmitted to the regulatory authorities.

Moreover, a video monitoring system will be installed; IP cameras will control not only the operation of proprietary dust and gas collecting equipment, but also the sources of emissions outside the enterprises' perimeter.

The head of the Integrated Environmental Center, Mr. Anton Bednyak, has remarked that the Chelyabinsk branches of ENERGOPROM Group have a common boundary, and their facilities are located at the same territory. At the same time, control over compliance with environmental laws is maintained by different authorities. For Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant, it is the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor), while for Donkarb Grafit, it is the Ministry of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk Region.

"The Integrated Environmental Center aims to coordinate the operations of all government institutions, to simplify the inspection process," Mr. Bednyak pointed out. "This will allow us to form a long-term development strategy in the environmental conservation field".

Also, the campaign for implementation of conservation activities plans to hold an independent environmental audit, and based on its results and on data from monitoring performed by the Integrated Environmental Center, the Environmental Development Strategy of both enterprises for 2019–2020 will be designed.

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